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Hello and welcome….

… the new look North Wales Rock, we have decided to revert back to self-maintained site to help us manage our content. The site has predominantly been built with content from local climber, guide, photographer and writer Mark Reeves. Who has a true passion for all things climbing in North Wales. Along with the information from the wiki sites he developed for various other climbing areas.

We also intend to try and make this site a bit more user oriented, with the ability for individual to help contribute to the site. With new route information and other things that might benefit North Wales rock climbers. If you wish to contribute a new route or just edit a crag or area you are passionate about then register as an author and we will give you the required permissions.

We would also like to help drive you to donate to the North Wales Bolt Fund, who along with many local volunteers have been instrumental in re-equipping not only the Slate Quarries, but North Wales Limestone. If you’d like to donate money then you can do so via the North Wales Bolt Fund PayPal Account.

About the Site’s Copyright

The site owner feels strongly about this site being an open-source information on North Wales Climbing. The information contained on and contributed by anyone to this site is open source. In particular we wish to state that we specifically allow the use of information gained via this website for the publication of definitive guides to any of the areas covered.



Rock Climbing Information for North Wales