The original wiki was established in 2007, pre-dates and complements the GROUND UP definitive guidebooks and selected guidebooks to Gogarth. It aims to provide the most detailed, accurate and up to date information on new routes, existing routes, rockfall, fixed protection, access and other changes. Anyone is welcome to contribute, if you see an inaccuracy or can improve a description then please REGISTER and change the details yourself.

For Gogarth Bay and the rest of Yns Mon, refer to the GROUND UP Gogarth North guidebook (Dec 2008).

For South Stack and The Range, refer to the GROUND UP Gogarth South guidebook (Oct 2015).

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Gogarth North Gogarth South


SOME OF THE CLIFFS AT GOGARTH ARE SUBJECT TO A SEASONAL NESTING RESTRICTION. FOR AN UP TO DATE LIST OF CRAGS AND ROUTES THAT ARE RESTRICTED VISIT THE BMC REGIONAL ACCESS DATABASE. The routes that are restricted should be indicated with an (R) in the title of each route. In the main, the ban runs from the 1st February to 31st July. In addition, please respect The Gogarth Environment.
Map of the Holy Island.

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