Slate Graded List

Hopefully over the next couple of days we will get a provisional graded list up. It would be great if you could lend a hand and suggest through the comments feature if you think a route deserves stepping up the list, or down.

Sport Graded List.


The Very Big and the Very Small
Serpent Vein
The New Slatesman
Bungles Arête
Misogynist Discharge
Bobby’s Groove
The Medium
The Untouchables
Manic Strain
Cwms the Dogfish
Tambourine Man
Concorde Dawn
The Master Craftsman (Il Miglior Fabbro)
Windows of Perception
The Mu Mu
The Dark Destroyer
The Dark Half
Wish you Were Here
The Wall Within
Gin Palace
Forsinain Motspur
Sucked Away with the Scum
Le Voleur
Two Bolts or Not to Be
Pas de Chevre
True Clip
Artichokes, Artichokes
Song of the Minerals
Raisin Frumpsnoot
Race Against the Pump
Con Quista Dors
Vermin on the Ridiculous
Unpaid Bills
Jepp knave
Childs Play
Beltane (7b, ph)
Synthetic Life (7a+/b)
Nick the Chisel
Geordie War Cry
My Secret Garden
Menai Vice
Heading the Shot
Coming up for Air
Where are my Sensible Shoes
Full Metal Jack Off
The Rock Dancer’s Daughter
Cirith Ungol
De nouement
The Dragon Slayer
Smokeless Zone
The Stream of Obscenity
Diagonal Dilemma
The Road to Botany Bay
Impact Zone
Suspension of Disbelief
Taken Over by Department ‘C’
Gerbil Abuse
The Spleenal Flick
The Carbon Stage
The Porphyry Chair
Donald Duck
The Manimal
Wizz Bang
Slight of Hand
Walk this way
G’Day Arete
Y Gwaedlyd
Atticus Finch
Technical hamster
Shorty’s Dyno
Wave Rock
Steps of Escher
Ride Like The Wind
Crazy Train
Gadaffi Duck
Mister Mister
My Hovercraft is full of Eels
The Drowning Man
The Burning
To infinity and beyond!
Maximum Tariff
In Loving Memory
The koala Brothers
Nick the Chisel (Right-hand Start) This might be 6b in’t Peak
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Horse Latitudes
Orangutang Overhang
Cyber World Sl@teheads
Hogiau Pen Garett
Bosch Stop Quarry
Bish Bash Bosch
Feeling Rusty?
Why Knot?
Slip not
Scarface Claw
Le Gendre
Peter Pan
Alive and Kicking
Gwion’s Groove
Over Taken By Department C
Mini Bus Stop
Le petit pois
The fat controller
Shock the Monkey
The Curious Incident
Clash of the Titans
Plastic Soldier
Harri Bach Llanrug5+
The Railway children
The Full Monty
Aardman productions
Surprise Surprise
Hogwarts express
“N” Gauge
The level crossing
The Malard
Rack and pin

The Deceptive ****
Le Grandpere
La Grandmere
Easy Routes Can Have Bolts
Choo Choo
polar express
Steps of Glory
My Wife’s an Alien
Ivor the engine
Slate Arrivals Left4+
Kinder Surprise
Sport 4 All
Binky Bonk Central
Captain Slog

Slate Arrivals
Snakes and Ladders
Thomas the tank (Australia: The Sidings Level)
The big easy (Bus Stop Quarry)
Jagged Face (Bus Stop Quarry)3
Departure Lounge (Dali’s Hole)
Emerald **** (Dali’s Hole)


Trad Graded List.


Coeur De Lion (7a,6c)
The Cure for a Sick Mind (7a)
The Quarryman (6c,6b,6c,7a)
Dawes of Perception (6c)
Breakdance (6b)
The Fire Escape (6c)
I Ran the Bath (6b)
Blockhead (6c,6a)
Raped by Affection (6c)
Clap Please (6b)
Stairway to Silence (6b)
The Spirit Level (6b)
My Halo (6b) f7a
Naked Before the Beast (6b/c,6b)
Prick up Urea’s (6c)
Phil’s Harmonica (6c)
DOA (6c)
Ringin’ in Urea’s (6c)
The Big Sur (6c)
Promethus Unbound (6c,6b)
The Shark that Blocked the Drain (6b)
Menstrual Gossip (6b)
Satisfying Frank Bruno (6b)
The Dwarf in the Toilet (6b)
Fat Lad Exam Failure (6b)
Wishing Well (6b)
Sombre Music (6b)
Order of the Bath (6b)
Released from Treatment (6b,6b)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (6b)
Stiff Syd’s Cap (6b)
Tribal blow (6b)
Spider pants (6a,6b,6b)?
The Wonderful World of Walt Disney (6a,6b,-,6a)
The Rainbow of Recalcitrance (6b,6a)
The **** (6a)
North West Face of the Druid (6a,5c,5c)
The Gay Blade (6a)
Scare City (6a)
Love Minus Zero (6a)
Fruity Pear in a Veg Shop Romp (6b)
A Mere Trifle (6a)
Drury Lane (6b)
Wedlock Holiday (6c)
The Listening and Dancing (6c)
The Homicidal Hamster from Hell (6c)
Psychodelicate (6c)Possibly now a sports route?
Senior Citizen Smith (6b) f7a+
The Hobbit (6b)
Watching the Sin Set (6b/c)
Flashdance/Belldance (6b)
Cystitis by Proxy (6b)
The Long and Winding Road (6b,5c)
The Book of Brilliant Things (6b)
The Spark that Set the Flame (6b)
Midnight Flier (6b)
Mildly Macho (6b)
Private Smells (6b)
Big Wall Party (6b,6b)
Piper at the Gates of Dawn (6b)
Shame and Embarrassment (6b)
Light and Darkness (6b,5c)?
Chewing the Cwd (6b)
Freak Yer Beanbag (6b)
Splitstream (6b)
Simply Peach (6b)
Dali’s Dihedral (6b)
Return of the Visitor (6b)
Circles are Sound (6b)
Cuts like a Knife (6a)
Over The Rainbow (5c,6a)
Poetry Pink (6a,5b)
Shazalzabon (6a)
Major Headstress (6a)
Wall of Flame (6a)
Young Men afraid of Horses (5a,5a,6a)
Small Rusty Nail on a Large Mantelpiece (4a,5c,5c,6a,5c)
Gay Lightweights and Hetro Stumpies (6a)
Swinging By the Bell (6a)
Broken Memories (6a)
Ghengis Khan (6a)
Green Ernie (6a)
Sanity Claws (6a) f6b
Heinous Creature (6a)
1000 Tons of Chicken **** (6a) f6c
Out of Africa (6a) f7a
Where the Green Ants Dream (6a)
Josy Puss (6a,5c)
Tentative Decisions (6a) f6b+
Salvador (6a)
Flashdance (6a)
Bathtime (6a)
Dope on a Rope (6a)
Central Sadness (5c/6a,6a)
Waves of Inspiration (6a) f6b
Never Never Land (6a)
Hymen Snapper (5c)
Hysterectomy (5c) f6b
Now or Never Never (5c)
Putting on Ayres (6c)
Menai Vice (6b/c)F7a+
Moving Being (6b) f7a+
Sleight of Hand (6b)
Working up a Lather (6b)
Nostromo (6b) (tech 6a & f6c, ph)
Nostrodamus (6b)
Menage a Trios (6b)
The Machine in the Ghost (6b)
No Problem (6b)
Imperial Leather (6b)
Lob Scouse (6b)
Pitch Two (6b)
Ancestral Vices (6b)
The Sweetest Taboo (6b)
Stump Rogers (6b)
Espirit de Corpse (6b)
Resurrection Shuffle (6b)
Fruity Pear gets Just Deserts (6b) F7a
Minder (6b) F6c+
Swan Hunter (6b)
Here to Stay, Gone Tomorrow (6b)
Khubla Khan (6b)
Short Stories (6a) f6c
Caleduwlch (6a)
The Sneaking (6a)
Memorable Stains (6a)
The Colour Purple (6a)
Ride the Wild Surf (6a)
Igam-Ogam (6a)Sport
Crossville (6a)
Y Rybelwr (6a)
Sad Old Red (6a)
Far from the Madding Crowd (6a)
G’Day Arete (6a)
Jack the Ripper (6a)
Yuk Hunter (6a)
Jack of Shadows (6a)
Great Balls of Fire (6a) F7a
Celestial Inferno (6a)
Gods Between Money (5c)
\Watch Me Wallaby Wank Frank (6a) F6c+
Between Here and Now (6a)
Y Gwaedlyd (6a)
Balance of Power (6a)
Stretch Class (6a)
The Coming of Age (6a)
Silver Shadow (6a)
Virgin on the Ridiculous (6a)
The Mau Mau (6a)
The Gorbals (6a) f6c
Jaded Passion (6a)
Ari Hol Hi (6a)
Stack of Nude Books Meets the Stick Man (6a) f6b
Slug Club Special (6a) f6b+
Remain in Light (6a) f6a+/b
Young and Easy Under the Apple Boughs (6a)
Gideon’s Way (6a)
Manatese (5c/6a)
Soap on a Rope (6a)
Four Wheel Drift (6a)
Shtimuli (6a)
General Odours (6a)
Teliffant (6a)
Meltdown (6a)
Wakey, Wakey, Hands off Snakey (6a)
Sup 2 (6a)
Men of Leisure (6a) f6c+
On ***** (5c)
Foetal Attraction (5c)
Lord of the Rings (5c)
Two Steps to Heaven, Three Steps to Hell (5c)
The Wall Without (5c)
Scarlet Runner (5c) f6b+
Loved by a Sneer (5c)
Old Cow, New Cow (3c,5c,6a,5b)
One Wheel on my Wagon (5c)
Spread’em (5c)
The Toms Approach (5c)
Mad on the Metro (5c) f6a+
Put it on the Slate, Waiter (5c) Fr 7a??
As the Sun Sets in the West (5c)
Octopussy’s Garden (5c)
Time Bandit (6b)F7a
Laund Arête (6b)
Arthur Dali (6b)
Moth to the Flame (6b)
Her Indoors (6b) Fr6b+
Beijqueiro (5c,6b)
Feet Apart (6b)
When the Winds Blow (6b)
Toad in Toad Hall (6b)
Dali’s Lemming Ducklings (6b)
Donald Duck (6b)
Captain Condom and the Mothers of Prevention (6b)
Ladder Resist (6a)
Zzzooming the Tube (6a)
Goose Creature (6a) F6c
A Good Slate Roof (6a)
The Velociraptor (6a)
The Chiselling (6a)
Red Throated Diver (6a) F6b+
L’Allumette (6a)F6c+?
Cyclone B (6a)
Scarlet Runner Direct (6a)
Dali Express (6a)
The Mad Cap Laughs (6a)
Legal Murders (6a)
First and Last (6a)
Men at Work (6a)
Hasta La Vista Baby (6a)
Ya Twisting Ma Melon Man (6a)
Monster Hamburger Eats the Alien Baby (6a)F6c?
Proliferation Bang On (6a)
The Golden Shower (6a)
Buzz Stop (6a)
Cat Flaps of Perception (6a)
The Weetabix Connection (6a)F6c?
Short Staircase to the Stars (6a)
Astroman From the Planet Zzzoink (6a)
The Coolidge Effect (3c,5c,6a,5b)
Geographically Celibate (6a) Sport route F 6c
Pain Killer (6a)
Darkness Visible (6a)
Loony Toons (6a)
Solitude Standing (6a)
Colossus (5c) F6b+
Jugs Mawr (5c)
Ritter Sport (5c) f6b+
Off the Beaten Track (5c)F6c
See You Bruce (5c)
The Australian (5c)
Planet Zzzoink Arête (5c)
Unchain My Heart (5c)
Mark of Thor (5c)
Long Distance Runner (5c)
Poetry in Motion (5c)
N.E. Spur (5c)
Sesame Street comes to Llanberis (5c)
Reefer Madness (5c)
Comes the Dervish (5c)
Alive and Kicking (5c)
Rycott (5c)
Alice Springs (5c) (I loved and lost her, fell down years ago)
The North face of the Aga (5c) F6c
Genital Persuasion (5c)
Maupin Ray Route (5a,5b,5b,5c)
Fellowship of the Ring (5c)
Never as good as the First Time (5c) f6b
Is it a Crime? (5c) f6b
Night of the Hot Knifes (5c)
Truffle Hunter’s Roof (5c)F6b+/6c
Dinorwig Unconquerable (5b,4c)
Purple Haze (5b)
Down to Zero (5b)
Hamadryad (5a,5b,5b,5b,4c)
The Hong Jagged Route of Death (5b)
Unsexual (5b)
Sabre Dance (5b)
Primal Ice Cream (5b)
Youthslayer (5b)
The Richard of York Finish (5b)
Sanity Fair (5b)
Solvent Abuse (5b)
The Race against Time (5b)
Little Urn (5b)
The Razors Edge (-)
Wild Horses (?)
Twm Dre (Monkey on a Stick) (?)
The Wooley (or won’t he) Jumper (?)
Womaninstress (6b)
Two Tone (6a) F6b
Psychotherapy (6a)
Paradise Lost (6a/b)
How Hot is Your Chilli? (6a)
Immac Groove (6a)
Rock Video (6a)
Just For Fun (6a) F6a
Gadaffi Duck (6a)
2nd Class Passenger (6a)F6b
Pork Torque (5c)
Hemulin (5c)
German School Girl (5c)
Blue Touch Paper (5c)
Stretched Limo (5c)
Ride of the Valkyries (5c)
Faulty Towers (5c)
Puff Puff (5c)
The Man Who Fell to Earth (5c)
Dali Mirror (5c)
The Samba Drum (5c)
Sprint Finish (5c)
Tribulation of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh (5c)
Simion Street (5c)
Sylvanian Waters (5c)
Lethal Injection (5c)
F Hot (5c)
Single Factor (5c)sports route?
Aultimers Groove (5c)
Eric the Fruitbat (5c)
Angel on Fire (5c)
Heaven Steps (5c)
Chariots of Fire (5c)
Slippery People (5c)
Turn of the Century (5c)sports route F6a+???
Pull My Daisy (5c)
Buffalo Smashed in Head Jump (5c)
The Great Curve (5c)
Holy, Holy, Holy (5c)
Sterling Silver (5c)
Pruning the Tube (5c)
Cabbage Man meets the Flying Death Leg (5c)
Too Bald to be Bold/The Turkey Chant (5c)
Genevieve (5c)
Toilet Trouble (5c)
Stinky Boots (5b)
Legs Together (5b)
Legs Akimbo (5b)
Midnight Drives (5b)
Tennent’s Creek (5b)
Fetzer (5b)
Franzia (5b)
Satires of Circumstance (5b)
Surfin’ USA (5b)
Blades of Green Tara (5b)
Eros (5b)
Slate’s Slanting Crack (5b)
Throttle With Bottle (5b)
Abus Dangereux (5b)
Rosen Chosen (5a,5b)
Walrus Wipeout (5b)
Massambula (5b)
Ronald Reagan meets Doctor Strangle Love (5b)
Malice in Wonderland (5b)
Captain Black and the Mysterons (5b)
Scratching the Beagle (5b)
Proless Cliff Arête (5b)
Dangling by the Diddies (5b)
The Blind Buddha (5a)
Classy Situation (5a)
So this is Living (5a)
Brain Death (5a)
Bushmaster (-)
Wendy Doll (?,?,?)E1 
Rhyfelwr (5b)
The Barrel of Laughs (5b/5c/6a)
Name Unknown (Watford Gap) (6a)
Home Run (5c/6a)
Patellaectomy (5c)
The Monster Kitten (5c)
Stuck up Fruhstuck (5c)
Silent Homecoming (5c)
The Colour Purple (5c)
Zippies First Acid Trip (5c)
Lord of the Pies (5c)
Tongue in Situ (5c)
Fool’s Gold (5c)
Gnat Attack (5c)sport rotue F6a
Rastaman Vibration (5c)
Nearly but Not Quite (5c)
Making Plans for Nigel (5c)
Coy Mistress (5c)
Bungle in the Jungle (5b)
Hooded Cobra (5b)
The Christening of New Boots (5b)
Mu Hat Mu Ganja (5b)
Bella Lugosi is Dead (5b)
Artichokes, Artichokes (5b)
Granddad’s Rib (5b)
Launching Pad (5b)sport route F6a
Biggles Flies Undone (5b)
The Dreaming (5b)
M.I.L. Arête (5b)
Brief Encounter (5b)
Walls come Tumbling down (5b)
Last Tango in Paris (5b)
Jumping the Gun (5b)
The Madness (5b)sports route F6a
Top Gear (5b)
Bar of Soap (5b)
Occam’s Razor (5b)
Waiting on an Angel (5b)
Squashing the Acropods (5b)
Seams the Same (5b)
The Stick Up (5b)
The Grey Slab (5b)
Theftus Maximus (5b)
Alpen (5b)
Looning the Tube (5b)
Youthanasia (5b)
The Sponge that Walked Away (5a)
Billy Two Tokes (5a)
Wave Out on the Ocean (5a)
Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and Purple and Blue (5a)
Sup1 (5a)
Demolition Derby (5a)
At the Cost of a Rope (5a)
John Verybiglongwords (5a)
Arnie Meets the Swamp Monster (5a)
Nifty Wild Ribo (5a)
Tower of Laughter (5a)sport route F6a
Stairlift to Heaven (4c,5a)
Brian Damage (5a)
Rodent to Nowhere (5a)
Andy Pandy (5a)
Rest in Pete’s Eats (5a)
Dried-Mouth Sesame Seed (5a)
Snap (5a)
California Arête (4c)
Another Wasted Journey (4c)
The Moon Head Egg Monster from Allsup (4c)
Scorpion (-)
Combat Rock (5b)

Mental Lentils (5b)
Is Marilyn Monroe Dead? (5b)
Puff the Cracked Up Dragon (5b)This is now the Bonza Crack?
Pop (5b)
Rock Athletes Day off (5b)
Le Cochon (5b)
Harvey’s Brassed off Team (5b)
The Deceptive **** (5b) sport route
Hot Air Crack (5b)
The Methane Monster (5b)
Bonza Crack (5b)
Booby Building (5a)
Lentil in a Stew (5a)
Lesser Mortals (5a)
Razorback (5a)
Werp (5a)
….and a Pen Please (5a)
Solstice (5a)
Cross Eyed Tammy (5a)
Skinning the Ladder (5a)
You can Dance if You Want To (5a)
Pit and the Pendulum (5a)
Vivander (5a)
Binman (5a)
Dolmen (5a)
Digital Delection (5a)
Mad Dog of the West (5a)
Geronimo’s Cadillac (4c,5a,-)
Jex’s fumble Clipping Arête (5a) going to fall down I would remove from list
Breaking Wind (5a)
Cross Eyed Tammy (5a)
Saved by the Whole (5a)
Silly on Slate (4c)
Pigs in Space (4c)
Koala Bare (4c)
Flying Death Fin (or is it Dutch?) (4c)
Guillotine (4c)
U.B.L. (4c) probably VS now sport rouite?
Above the Line (4c)
Greedy Girls (4c)
Open Gambit (-)
Puff the Cracked up Dragon (-)repeated higher up
Lindy Lou (?)
Medicine Show (?)

Neat Arête (5b)
Tower of Power (5a)
Frustrated Lust (5a)
Walking Pneumonia (5a)
Under the Glass (5a)
Hole in One (4c)
Fallout (4c)
Big Bendy Buddha (4c)
Seamstress (4c)
Vertigo (4c)
Pontiac Arête (4c)
Sad Man Who’s Sane (4c) sport route
Come off it Arfer (4c)
Velvet Walk (4c)
Run for Fun (4c)
Zambesi (4c)
Equinox (4c)
Wond (4c)
Menhir (4c)
Antiquity (4c)
The Shining (4c)
Good Afternoon Constable (4c)
Dog Day Dogfish (4c)
Bong to Lunch (4c)
Mudslide Slim (4c)
Snuffler (4c)
Stand to your Right (4c)
Crackle (4c)
Goblin Party (4c)
Turkey Trot (4c)
A Swarm of Green Parrots (4c)
Emerald Eyes (4b)

Baby Nina Soils her Pants (4b)
The Stick’s groove (4b)
Watford Gap West (4b)
Second Thought (4b)
Kosciusko (4b)
Second’s Chance (4b)
Act Naturally (4b)
Binwomen (4b)
Gully (4a)
Breakdance (4a)
A Tourmegamite Experience (-)
That Obscure Object of Desire (-)
OM 69 Runner Bean (?)

Graded list.
Has anybody repeated most of the recent new additions to the quarries? Theres been a lot of activity of late and it would be beneficial to have an objective viewpoint as to where they stand in the graded list (as opposed to where the first ascensionists think )

Rock Climbing Information for North Wales