Re-Bolting Projects

Maybe you are keen to get involved with re-equipping a route in the quarries. Below is a list of suggestion for you.

There are many opinions on what needs addressing first in the quarries, on the whole the process has been driven by individuals becoming passionate over re-equipping areas. If you think a route should be added to the list add a comment.


-The bathtime prow routes
Sucked away with the scum
Soap on a rope
Le Voleur
Sesame St comes to Llanberis

Muscle beach in general (need concensus on how to do this)

-waterfront far side
Stump rogers
Imperial leather
Working up a lather
Spread ‘em

Bobbys groove

Waterfront near side
Heinous creature
Sanity claws
Fat lads exam failure
Clap please
Dawes of perception (needs knowledge of the route)

dwarfs down wards (could all be done on same day)
Dwarf in the Toilet (bolts v. close to orig please)
Watching the sin set
Wakey wakey hands off snakey
Monster kitten belays
Ladder resist

Colditz (finishing off)
Manic strain
Smokeless zone

Powertool resurrection


-Collosus wall
Wall of flame

-end of the rainbow (slab)
Cwms the dogfish

-gerbil abuse level
Homicidal hamster

-cig-arete level
Untouchables (reqires prior knowledge of the route)
The mu mu
Pocketeering – Rebolted by J. Taylor & A. Cherry 20/7/14
Satisfying frank bruno- Rebolted by J. Taylor & A. Cherry 20/7/14 with lower off.
Unchain my heart

-german school girls level
Rock dancers daughter
Silver shadow
Monster hamburger eats alien baby (holes already drilled?)

-manatese level
Scratching the beagle
Walls come tumbling down and assoc. routes
Women in stress lower off
Gods between money lower off
Occams razor
Heavens steps lower off
Grey slab
Y rebelwr

Jugs mawr lower off 

Twll Mawr
Coeur de lion (1st pitch re-bolted)
Block head (bolts ok)
Quarryman (bolts ok apart from top bolt on 1st pitch- 1st bolt on groove is a dangerous clip)
Fire escape
Phil’s harmonica
Wonderful world of walt Disney (bolts ok apart from top pitch)

Lost world
Full metal jack off
Journey to the centre of the earth
Porphory chair

The hobbit
Project left of hobbit
The sneaking
Ya twistin ma melon man
Aultimers groove
California arête abb point 
Wedlock holiday
Pitch two
Midnight flier
Unpaid bills

Never neverland – half a days work, but needs some knowledge of the routes

Dali’s hole
-Conquestadors area
Return of the visitor
Conqustadors – needs knowledge of the route
Stretch class

Mu hat mu ganja
Simian st
Le cochon

Lob Scouse

Bus stop
Hasta la vista baby lower off


-in the proccess of being done
Men at work
Sprint finish
North face of the aga

Men of leisure

The Australian- got serac at mo’
Darkeness visible -need full tlc
Eric the fruitbat (poor stainless to remove)
Fetzer/franzia wall

Sylvanian waters

Rock Climbing Information for North Wales