The Slips

* Semper Dexter Nil Sinister E1 5b
Clean, ab the wire sling & maillon.
Bashi Bazouk E1 5b
Clean, go up to same abseil station as Semper Dexter Nil Sinister
Nifl-Heim VS 4c, 5a
Pizzle Puzzle E3 5c
** Pretzel Logic E2 5c, the original second pitch is plagued with pennywort where you exit the chimney, better to do the Venom pitch.
** Venom E3 6a
Clean, brilliant first pitch
** Leg Slip E1 5b
Normal to abseil from finish
** First Slip E1 5c
Normal to abseil from finish
Leg Break Finish
Freudian Slip E2 5c
First pitch now clean (though will soon grow back), second pitch probably a lost cause – needs attacking from above. First pitch also felt good value.

*Slip Shod
Now fully clean Large rockfall just to the left of the arete bit of this route occurred on 24th August 2009. The route is definately harder now.
The Jackal
Wrongly located on the photo diagram (page 152) of the new guide. The photo shows it’s actual location.
Location of Slipway and Sali Mali
Sali Mali HVS 5A
On the buttress wrongly identified as Slipway Buttress on the BMC sign at foot of Crag. Gained by abseil from top of crag, small cairn marks abseil line from good tree. Climb back up the innocuous looking corner which proves surprisingly stubborn. FA 11.1.03 M Lewis, Judy Yates See photo for correct location.
Crazy Diamond


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