Vector Buttress

Hail Bebe V. DiffVector Buttress
*** One Step in the Clouds Mild V.S
Clean, Large moving block on pitch two.
* Dark Side E2 6a
*** Sultans of Swing E4 6a
** Diadic E1 5b
** Nimbus E2 5c
*** The Weaver E2 5c
Overhanging branches on first pitch trimmed
** Bananas E5 6b
* Llanberries E7 6c
*** Strawberries E7 6b (is it really?)
Dream Topping E 7 6c
*** Cream E4 6a
*** Vector E2 5c
Overhanging branches on first pitch trimmed
* The Croaker E2 5c
** Atomic Finger Flake E3 6a
Now fully clean
** Swift Undercut E7 6c
Check pegs before attempting
*** Void E3 6a
First pitch clean and overhanging branches removed
** The Mongoose E5 6b
Now fully clean
** The Snake E2 6a
Vector Buttress, now visible from the roadVector Buttress, as of May 2009, visible from the road

Rock Climbing Information for North Wales