Rainbow Slab

Only the best slate slab in the entire world, although general a place for extreme grade climbers with the easiest route being E2.

The abseil point has been replaced as has the lower off/belay on the prow on top of Poetry Pink. All bolts replaced bolt for bolt.

Bungles Arete F8b. Most of the bolts have been replaced, the only only left to replace need drilling out because there is nowhere esle for it to go. 1/07
Memorable Stains E3 6a. New Bolts and Lower off. 3/07
Cure for a Sick Mind E7 7a. new Bolts. 3/07
Poetry Pink E5 6a. New Bolts. 3/07
Raped By Affection E7. New bolts. 10/06
Ringing in Urea’s E6. New bolts. 10/06
Cystitus By Proxy E5. It should be noted that an the top RP placement in the crack has blown, making this feel even bolder. New bolts. 10/06
Splitstream E5. New bolts. 10/06
Stiff Syd’s Cap E6. New bolts. 10/06

Prick up Urea’s E6 (variation). New bolts. 10/06

Over the Rainbow rebolted 18.03.08 new double bolt belay on ledge and an extra bolt addedd to eliminate ‘gripper clipper’. First pitch still trad, MR.

Cwm Then Dogfish 8a – New resin Anchors 3/2017. Needs a spanner to remove a couple of old bolts.

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