Plum Buttress

** Grotto Vs4c, 4c
Now fully cleaned, much, much better than the name would suggest!
** Grotto Direct HVS 5a, 4c
Fully clean
** Christmas Curry H. severe
Suffering form overuse, go climb Rio or Rienetta. Branches overhanging first pitch have been trimmed.The start of Christmas Curry
*** Micah Finish H. Severe
Clean as whistle
Finish of Moments E3 5c
Needs wire brushing, some suspect rock
** Tremudrock Finish VS 4c
Now fully clean and well worthwhile
Lleolwyr HVS 5b?
Clean (but hard for grade)
*** The Plum E1 5b
Clean, direct corner start 5c/6a, can be avoided by traversing in higher
Bombshell, Lost.

Molar, Lost.

Footless Frenzy, Lost.

Quimbo, Lost.

*** The Fang HVS 5a, 5a
Clean The Approach to Fang
** The Root E2 5c
*** Extraction E2 5c, 5c
Tip for 2nd pitch – Move up diagonally right to a narrow ledge on the wall (good wires in an undercut). Egnoring the tempting chalked up sidepulls above (hard going) move right to the arete and semi mantle onto a good ledge (much easier)
*** Striptease VS 5a
Clean, most people will abseil from in situ abseil station at top of pitch one
** Burlesque E3 6a
Now fully clean
* High Kicks E2 5b, 5c
Now clean
* G String HVS 5b
* Triangulum H. severe

Rock Climbing Information for North Wales